"Where the Hell is God?" - Fr Richard Leonard SJ

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This brilliant work by a gifted priest is one of the best books you will ever read on the question of suffering--in other words, one of the best books you will ever read on the spiritual life. Richard Leonard, a Jesuit priest and author whose family has known intense suffering, gently invites readers to confront the important questions that every believer will face one day. Wise, insightful, pastoral, original, experienced and never settling for easy answers, Father Leonard is the compassionate guide that all of us wish we had in times of pain. This profound book is for anyone who will face suffering in life--that is, everyone.

- James Martin, SJ, author of The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything.


Where the hell is God? is a page turner. Hard to imagine saying that about a theological book that takes up the age old question of the goodness of God and the existence of suffering and evil. But it’s true. Moved by the terrible accident that left his beloved sister a quadriplegic before she turned 30, Richard Leonard tackles some of the hardest questions such suffering raises. In the process he demolishes some of the answers that have taken up quarters in many, if not most Christians’ minds and hearts. You will cringe when you realize what some of these “answers” imply about God. Every chapter forces you to reassess your image of God. God must be very happy with his friend Richard’s attempt to understand and embrace him. Read this book; it could change your life.

- William A. Barry, S.J. author of The Practice of Spiritual Direction, Finding God in All Things, Who Do You Say I Am?, With an Everlasting Love, and A Friendship Like No Other


Leonard, an Australian-born Jesuit who writes on Catholic approaches to film (Movies That Matter), has authored a brief, acute, and touching book on theodicy. For Leonard, guided in part by his own experience with a sister left disabled after an auto accident, and in part by the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, God does not directly will or send pain, suffering, natural disasters, or punishments. We can approach God through these experiences and learn from them, but God is not their "author" in the simplistic sense many espouse. While Leonard's God may feel more remote than the personal deity many have embraced, his liberation of God from personal evil is a breakthrough. VERDICT An explosive and progressive message in a small wrapper, Leonard's book may frustrate Catholic and non-Catholic conservatives, but it will be a tonic for liberal Christians and seekers of all faiths.

- Barnes & Noble


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