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First Reconciliation Liturgy and Holy Communion 2020

Registration closes 23/10/2020

Due to COVID - 19 regulations dictating allowable numbers in our church, the celebration of the two sacraments need to be linked.  Please note that once a booking is made for one date for one sacrament, the corresponding date for the second sacrament cannot be changed and there cannot be more than the allotted numbers in our church.  Each child will be offered three spaces, allowing thirty children to make their First Reconciliation and Holy communion at each celebration.  All Reconciliation liturgies will be held at 7.00pm @ St Mary’s North Sydney.

  • Session 1 - First Reconciliation Liturgy - Tuesday 27.10.20 linked to First Communion

Saturday 14.11.20 @ 11.00am

  • Session 2 - First Reconciliation Liturgy - Thursday 29.10.20 linked to First Communion

Sunday 15.11.20 @ 11.00am

  • Session 3 - First Reconciliation Liturgy -Tuesday 03.11.20 linked to First Communion

Saturday 21.11.20 @ 11.00am

  • Session 4 - First Reconciliation Liturgy - Thursday 05.11.20 linked to First Communion

Sunday 22.11.20 @ 12.00pm

  • Session 5 - First Reconciliation Liturgy - Friday 30.10.20 linked to First Communion

Sunday 15 Nov @ 2.00pm


Register at: To complete the registration please scan a copy of your

Baptism certificate to Claire Loneragan: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If the candidate was baptised at

Our Lady of the Way Parish there is no need to submit a certificate. 

Please contact Claire for information regarding preparation sessions. 8918 - 4101

Dear Parents,

Thank you for enrolling for 2020 First Reconciliation/Holy Communion@ OLW.

Please find attached the program that you and your child are asked to follow for the next few weeks.  Please ensure that you have completed Sessions 1 to 3 before you attend your chosen Reconciliation Liturgy and the Sessions 4 to 6 before First Communion. 

It will help your child be comfortable at Mass if you attend several Masses before their First Communion Mass.  The Family Mass at St Mary’s at 9.00 am on Sunday would be a good one where they may meet friends of their same age.

If you need any clarification on any point, please don’t hesitate to email me and include your phone number and I will contact you as soon as I return to the office. I look forward to meeting you at the Reconciliation Liturgy.

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Program rewritten for group

 Claire Loneragan