The current limitation on 10 congregants – and associated distancing, registration and hygiene requirements, etc - makes for difficult decisions about who can physically attend Mass, and when.
To address this, we have been dedicating the Vigil Mass to various parish ministries (Mother’s Day earlier this month, Laudato Si last weekend, Youth this weekend, Jesuit Mission the following).
We are now developing protocols for opening up physical participation at the weekday Mass. Rather reluctantly; the Parish will utilize the try booking system for registration purposes. Registration will open on Monday 25 May, for the following week Masses. From Mon 1st June, weekday (MoD) Masses will return to the regular time of 7.30am.
Spatial distancing (at least 1.5m from each other) and hygiene directions must be observed: attendees are exhorted to take care when coughing or sneezing and to avail themselves of hand sanitizer available.
Spacing spots have been placed on the pews at SFX.  Distribution of Communion follows distancing procedure.