Jesuit Mission 19/20 May

SVDP - 24th June

Emerton 15th July - 5th Aug

JRS Appeal - 15 Nov


Project Compassion:

 Australia’s largest aid and development appeal, Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion, runs each year Project Compassion. It gives people the opportunity to take part in the campaign to address the challenges of global poverty.Caritas Australia, an aid and development agency of the Catholic Church, is part of an international network that works in over 200 countries and territories to empower people to help themselves out of poverty.While the financial crisis affects people globally, it is the world’s poorest who suffer the most severe impacts. Rather than forgetting the world’s poor, now is the time to offer them support and opportunities for empowerment and control over their future.The theme for 2009 Project Compassion was ‘an environment to grow in’, highlighting the interconnection between healthy environments and healthy people. Control over land, food production and ultimately lives, leads to self empowerment and a brighter future.Support for Project Compassion this year allows local partners to continue their work in communities around the world. In Uganda, livelihood programs are helping rural families improved their food security and in India, environmental regeneration and organic agriculture projects are seeing a reduction in seasonal migration.In Papua New Guinea, former ‘street boys’ are learning about organic farming and then taking on community leadership roles and in Indonesia, Indigenous communities are advocating for the protection of local forests. Caritas Australia is also supporting programs which reconnect Indigenous Australians with their community and improve the health of rural Bolivian farmers.Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion gives Australians an opportunity to help the most vulnerable people gain control over their lives and achieve their hopes and dreams for a better future. Breaking the cycle of poverty is possible when we all contribute to creating a just world.

Holy Places

To promote missionary work of the Church and support education, health, medical and social works for the people of the Holy Land and to preserve and restore the sacred historical sites.

Charitable Works Fund

There are three appeals each financial year for the Charitable Works Fund (CWF) of the Archdiocese of Sydney. The November Appeal is the second Appeal for the financial year.

 The assessed parish amount for this appeal is $34,500 (Total $103,500 per annum). Any shortfall in the amount is required to be met out of Parish funds.

 Envelopes for the Appeal need to be completed and either returned:  on the collection plate or sent in by post – there is no stamp required.

 Your donation will be helping the following works supported by the CWF such as Centacare Catholic Community Services, Chaplaincy Services, Aboriginal Catholic Ministry, Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD), Ephpheta Centre etc.

 Donations to CWF are 100% tax deductible for amounts over $2.00.  

Jesuit Mission

 The aim of Jesuit Mission is to contribute to the building of human communities of freedom, dignity and understanding in developing countries. They promote work for poverty alleviation in the developing world and the establishment and ongoing development of the Society of Jesus in areas of great need.


St Vincent de Paul 

The St Vincent de Paul Society's 40,000 members and volunteers work hard to assist people in need and combat social injustice across Australia. Internationally, the Society operates in 130 countries and has over 950,000 members.

Members of the Society are people who live out their faith in action by visiting people in their homes to provide support, friendship and material assistance. This practice is known as home visitation, and is carried out by local St Vincent de Paul Society conferences. Conferences are typically Parish or school based groups of people who respond to calls for assistance from people in the local community and work closely with the Society's Vinnies Centres.People who are being assisted by conference members are often provided with furniture, clothing and household goods free of charge through the Society's Vinnies Centres. Centres also offer affordable clothing and goods to the wider community. The profit from the sale of stock from the Vinnies Centres is used to provide resources and support to people in need.For over 150 years, home visitation has been the core work of the Society. By visiting people in their homes, the St Vincent de Paul Society aims to help men, women and families to break their cycle of poverty and disadvantage.