Family Mass

logoThe 9am Family Mass at St Mary's

This mass has a long and lively tradition. All are welcome and we endeavour to engage and encourage the participation of children and their families in all aspects of the liturgy. We rely on the strong involvement and initiative of parishioners and prepare ministry rosters twice a year (February and August). We are always looking at ways to refresh and develop the liturgy.

At present parishioners participate in welcoming, hospitality, collecting, serving as acolytes, communion ministers and ministers of the word. We have regular Sacristy Sunday sessions, when the children are invited to go to a dedicated Liturgy of the Word. This is facilitated by two parent volunteers with support from the parish. Parish-based formation and training are provided .

We seek to grow the music ministry and extend an invitation to any keen singers and instrumentalists as well as parishioners who can assist our existing team in a technical and coordinating role.


Sacristy Sunday

occurs once a month during term time at the 9am mass at St Mary's.


sacristy sunday11It is a special session for young children which takes place during the Liturgy of the Word. The children are invited to the sacristy and very young ones are accompanied by a parent or grandparent. A candle is lit and the scripture of the day might be read and discussed in a simple manner. There follows an activity, some prayer and sometimes a song. In conclusion the children return to the church and bring forward their activity as part of the gifts of the offertory.




The session is conducted by a parent who prepares in advance with assistance and resources from the parish office



sacristy sunday handsWe are always looking for volunteers to lead the sessions, so come and experience the next one and see whether you might like to give it a go. All are welcome.

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