Christian Meditation


You are invited to join us in an interfaith meditation and sharing group

Over the past 10 years or so, encouraged by our spiritual leader Father Laurence Freeman, the Christian meditation community here in Sydney has been part of a number of conversations with other faith traditions.

Interfaith friendship especially at the grass roots level serves the whole world in this critical era... Meditation is a spirituality of our time. It belongs to each tradition in a unique way. It offers an immediate and deep place of meeting, creating a community of faith among those of different beliefs and generates the hope that our time so urgently needs (Laurence Freeman, 2012)

We were further encouraged by Sheikh Kabir Helminski of the London Sufi group who suggested we simply, powerfully meet together to share silent prayer.

Please come and be part of this new group, evolving to we know not where...

Venue - the Ron Dyer Centre in the grounds of the church at North Sydney, corner of Miller and Ridge St's. You enter the church grounds from Ridge St, and park in the marked spaces. Enter the Ron Dyer Centre building (adjacent to the car-park on the western side) via the glass door. Our room is on that level to the right.

When - the group will be held on the 1st Sunday of each month from 5-about 6pm.

How - we will gather with some contemplative music, and begin and end the time of meditation with a short reading drawn from different traditions. All are invited to meditate in their usual way, or if you wish you can follow a simple practice where we each take a word or phrase sacred to us and repeat it silently during the time of meditation, 20-30 minutes. After meditation we will take some time to reflect and share on a passage from each other's sacred writings and how they touch us and have meaning in our lives.

Contact the Meditation Group with any enquiries or to let us know of your interest.

Please feel free to share this with others who may be interested.

Australian Christian Meditation Community (NSW)
PO Box 127 North Sydney 2059 8918 4134

Sunday 8.30am Lavender Bay Hall
Sunday 5pm Ron Dyer Centre, Nth Sydney 
Monday 11.30am Side Chapel, St Francis Xavier church
Contact Judi Taylor 9954 1037 or ACMC 8918 4134

Tuesday 7.30pm (school terms only) Star of the Sea, Kirribilli ON HOLD until further notice
Contact Lorelle Di Cosmo 0403 110 960

Wednesday 11.30am Side Chapel, St Francis Xavier church 
Wednesday 7pm Ron Dyer Centre, Nth Sydney
Saturday 10am Ron Dyer Centre, Nth Sydney 
Contact Judi Taylor 9954 1037 or ACMC 8918 4134