The Coal Loader, North Sydney

The municipality of North Sydney is blessed to have a wonderful resource to help us think and act  environmentally – The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability at the end of Bay Road in Waverton. At the Coal
Loader you will find displays and ideas to help you make your home, garden and surrounds environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The Coal Loader is open each week day from 9am until 4pm and on Saturday
from 10am until 4pm – it is well worth a visit and it is a great place to take children. The Coal Loader has taken out both the State and National Planning Institute of Australia’s Great Place Award for 2013. It is free to
More details can be found at the North Sydney Council website 

Berry Island, Waverton

Take a walk or stay the day in this miracle of pristine habitatin our midst, untouched by development. Revered by the aborigines and used in the education of whale dreaming, Berry Island presents the natural flora and fauna of Sydney Harbour, right in our own Parish of OLOW.

Milsons Park, Careening Cove

Grab an early breakfast and head to the park at 5.30am for the daily symphony of the morning chorus. From High Street Wharf you will see fairy penguins, the birds of the sea, taking their fill of fish.

Families – further afield

Balnarring Beach, Victoria

Caters for challenged families. Run by the Presentation congregation in Victoria in 6 furnished houses, this experience offers proactive activities in the natural bush and beach setting. Opportunitiesfor everyone to sponsor a family or to participate in bush regeneration.
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South Coast and Broader Sydney

Famous for his work in Earth spirituality in the USA with Joanne Macy et al., John Seed leads occasional weekend experiences camping out around Sydney and down the coast.
For the list of weekends available across the year, contact his website
‘The Archer’, National Park west of Rockhampton, Queensland – run collaboratively by the Sisters of St Joseph and the Christian Brothers, ‘The Archer’ offers an experience of deep silence from the earth and sky as a pathway to the Divine Mystery at the heart of Creation. Comfortable accommodation, optional length of stay.
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Glenburn, Victoria

Centre for Ecology and Spirituality, situated in an open eucalypt forest, is conducted by Christian Brothers Oceania and Sister Mary White rsm to offer a variety of experiences in holistic spirituality based on the work of Thomas Berry OP and Brian Swimme that also ventures to the Flinders Ranges and Lake Mungo. 
Groups – all ages(school and adults)

Rahamim, Bathurst

Live‐in spirituality and educational (sustainability) experiences for all age groups (up to 45) at the Rahamim, Mercy Ecological Learning Community. Rahamim means place for people, planet and spirit to connect.

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