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"Dear Lord,
May we always be mindful of your teaching: Love God & love your neighbour."


Conversation ExpectationsIn the first of our conversations with the Parish community, we explore the concept of mutual expectations – what is expected of each parishioner, and what parishioners can expect from the Parish community.


To get this conversation started we have reproduced a pamphlet called “Expectations” from St Monica’s Church in Los Angeles.    

What are your thoughts? How should we frame our own set of expectations?

Please forward comments and suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 8918 4115

Our   Mission:   To build an engaged parish, we foster lasting, mutually-rewarding   relationships with God, our parishioners and the community. By building engagement, we nurture a sense   of belonging within the parish. While we welcome everyone regardless of where   they are in the journey of life, we also want to provide well-defined   expectations for their journey at St Monica’s.

The expectations of each member of St Monica’s Catholic Community.


The   central focus of our worship is the Eucharist and celebration of the   Sacraments. Our community is expected   to attend Mass regularly, spend time in daily prayer, and to be people of   sacred Scripture.


The   work of our parish depends on all of us and goes far beyond our priests and   parish staff alone. We convert   spiritual energy into action through outreach and service, especially to   those who have far less. We serve one   another and our wider community in ministry following Catholic social   teaching to care for and be present with others.


We   seek opportunities to learn and grow in relationship with Jesus Christ and   build our spiritual life by participating in retreats, workshops,   faith-sharing communities and pastoral care to the sick and needy. We support the faith formation of our   youth.


We   appreciate each other and take time to compassionately connect with our   fellow parishioners and community. We   invite others to enjoy our welcoming and diverse environment and offer   hospitality and friendship. We pray   for, comfort and support members of the parish in times of need.


To   support and grow our community, we give our time, talent and treasure to the   extent that we are able. God is   generous with us and we are called to be generous in return.


What can you expect from St Monica’s Catholic Community?

A welcoming place of worship

All are welcome at St Monica’s where people   can worship and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ through active   participation in liturgy, thought-provoking homilies, and inspirational   music. We make every effort to   permeate our parish life with hospitality and respect for the diversity of   our community.

A catalyst for ministry and service

We offer a variety of opportunities to be   involved in ministry, build relationships and make a difference in the world.  

An environment for spiritual formation

Our parish provides a safe environment to   grow in faith through prayer, meditation, retreats, scripture reflection,   faith sharing groups, and vibrant sacramental life.

Opportunities to connect

We offer many opportunities for adults,   young adults, and youth to connect, make friends and have a joyful experience   through worship, service and community life events.

Prudent stewardship of resources

We strive to prudently manage our resources   and give back responsibly to our community.   Our financial condition is transparent.

Leadership development

We promote the vocation and formation of   ordained ministers, religious life and strong lay leadership. Collaborative decision making processes   include consulting with parish councils, volunteers and other subject matter   experts.

Fidelity to Catholic doctrine

Our parish is faithful to the foundational   teachings of the church and gospel message.


We offer a place   you can call home, a place where you are welcomed unconditionally, a place   where your gifts and talents make a contribution and are valued and   appreciated.

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