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"Dear Lord,
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Do we see Australian Muslims as the Trojan Horse inside our walls?

I was not expecting the Parish blog to have something of the nature of the "call and response" tradition of the African American gospel tradition, and I certainly was not planning ever to respond to a comment on any blog that I have posted here, mainly because I have such a busy schedule. However, Greg Bunbury's recent blog entry, in response to a blog that I posted a few weeks ago, raised such an important issue that I felt compelled to write again on this topic of so-called Muslim terror.

Mr Bunbury claims in his blog entry that “what seems to be absent, with some heroic exceptions, is the emphatic condemnation by Muslim communities of the fatal excesses of radicals, extremists, fundamentalists, murderers.  Among the exceptions were the two Muslim fathers, Dr Rifi and Mr Eloued…I believe round condemnation by Muslim communities of the barbarity of IS and their like, and of the exhortations to hatred here in Australia, would very positively fight the deplorable bigotry and racism which this article showcases.”

Mr Bunbury’s call for Muslims to condemn terrorism is a common one, often encountered whenever there is an outrage perpetrated by Boko Haram, the self-designated Islamic State, or al-Qaeda. Variations on Mr Bunbury’s call include, “Why do Muslim moderates not condemn violence done in the name of Islam?”, or “Where are the Muslim voices against terror?” and so on. We know the drill.

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