Pray with Pope Francis

Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network 2018
( Apostleship of Prayer )


The spiritual content of the Popes' Worldwide Prayer Network and its formation program is presented as school of the heart.

In nine steps this pathway leads us to identify with the mind, heart and projects of Jesus. The Scripture and other quotations in each

paragraph tell of God's unlimited love for each one ofus and for all humankind. We receive them in prayerful silence and awe, for they

speak of our history with Him.

We are invited to live a personal love covenant with the Risen One, and to offer daily our readiness to collaborate with Him in his mission, as his apostles.

We are put to the service of the Church and sent out to make God's compassionate love present in the world.

The followingsteps intend to give a unified vision of the PWPN and its interior pathway, inviting us to be part of this worldwide prayer network.

1. WAY OF THE HEART steps 1 - 9

 2. Popes Intentions Jan - Dec 2018