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Pope Francis has asked us to “welcome, protect, promote and integrate refugees and migrants.” How can we do this?

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The Parishes of Our Lady of The Way has developed a thriving Music Ministry throughout its long history with the Jesuits. We have an incredibly diverse range of talents and styles to suit every mass go-er, from traditional choral services, to folk and contemporary services. Music being a large proponent of spirituality, we take very seriously our role in the Catholic liturgy, and are careful to understand the needs of our congregation from week to week, tailoring our musical input appropriately for each liturgy. All musical planners are highly skilled in discerning scripture and searching for the most appropriate musical accompaniment. Come and experience our wonderful ministry in action at any of our six weekend services.


We have many different groups servicing liturgies across the parish, and some are always open for new members. If there is a group that you would like to join below, or one that you don’t see below, please get in touch by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to inquire about joining one of our musical groups below.

Feast Day Choir

An unauditioned choir servicing our Major Feast Days in the Parish including Easter, The Feast of St Ignatius Loyola, and Christmas. The massed choir rehearses for 8 Tuesdays before the Feast day, and is conducted by our Music Minister Michael Paton. 

-       Rehearsals are Tuesdays prior to a Feast Day from 7.30-9pm in the St Mary’s Choir Loft.

Spirit Band

spirit band WYD fundraiser at STM 1

Our Parish’s resident Spirit Band, performing mostly contemporary Christian music, using a full modern folk band and choir. Participants must be between the age of 13 and 30, and willing to commit to exclusively servicing the 6pm mass at St Mary’s, North Sydney.

-       Rehearsals are every Sunday 4.30-5.50pm at St Mary’s, with mass to follow each week.



An unauditioned folk choir servicing the 5.30pm Saturday night mass at St Francis Xavier, Lavender Bay. All matter of instruments and voices are welcome to this group, this is a fun group for the first-time church musician.

-       Rehearsals are every Sunday 4.45-5.25pm at St Francis Xavier, with mass to follow each week.

children'S choir

An unauditioned choir for musical kids, keen to have a sing at our 9am Children’s liturgy at St Mary’s, North Sydney. This group is specially designed to develop the musical skills of children aged 6-12, with the aim of eventually moving them forward to the 6pm Spirit Band for a more sophisticated musical experience.

-       Rehearsals are every Sunday from 8.20-8.55am at St Mary’s, with mass to follow each week.

Our Ministry Groups

The Parish of Our Lady of the Way provide a number of ministries specific to the needs of the various groups of parishioners: men, women, youth and more. Click below to learn more about our Parish ministries.



Twinned Parish:

Holy Family Parish, Emerton


Mary's House

St Vincent de Paul Society

Sick and Housebound

Teresa House


Christian Life Community

Liturgical Ministry

Meditation Group

First Spiritual Exercises

Rosary Group

YOuth corner:


Spirit Band


Craft Group

Manresa Group

    Catenian Association


Ecology Group



Music Ministry

ecology Group


The Ecology group was formed in August 2008, with the objective of promoting a Christian outlook to maintenance and care of our physical environment.

Initial activities of the group included:

  • Facilitation of an energy audit of the presbytery and each of the three church buildings;
  • Regular educational contributions to the Parish Newsletter;
  • Awareness/discussion evening based on the film “An Inconvenient Truth”.

Over time, our group experienced a spiritual awakening… any concern for creation leads to deeper questions of human relationship with God, our Creator.

Our experience was a movement from the head to the heart and is what Pope John Paul II referred to as ’ecological conversion’ that is consistent with the Jesuit call, ‘Reconciliation with Creation.’

Anne Boyd csb speaks about an emerging consciousness:

‘We are part of an evolving Christian tradition, so we are trying to find meaning within that context. The cycle of life, death, resurrection is …the grammar of the Universe: emergence, chaos, transformation... We have it only in a human context, but if you put it in a total life context, you deepen and expand the role of the human in the whole universe story.’

(Madonna, Jesuit Publication, Nov-Dec. 2004)

We are on a Spiritual Journey, seeking deeper relations with God, creation, ourselves and our neighbour.

Read the article on our group by Giselle Lapitan in Province Express

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First Spiritual Exercises

The First Spiritual Exercises

Tasting the First Spiritual Exercises

Experience this extraordinary gift of Ignatius to bring one into intimate relationship with the Lord and companionship with others.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

The First Spiritual Exercises are for parishioners, young and senior, individuals, couples, partners, parents, grandparents, ministry teams, committees, students, colleagues, friends. For everyone!


Spiritual Direction in the Ignatian Tradition

In the OLW parish community we are fortunate to have several trained spiritual directors who have been formed in the Ignatian tradition and other Christian traditions of accompaniment.

If you would like to meet with a Spiritual Director, you are welcome to approach Frances Tilly at the Parish office for the names of qualified spiritual directors who work in this ministry in the parishes of Our Lady of the Way. Frances Tilly

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A Cresting Wave
cresting wave

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THE SENDING BLESSING for Givers of the First Spiritual Exercises

Bless my feet, Lord,
as I go out to give the First Spiritual Exercises.
Bless my mind with the confidence to explain it.
Bless my mouth for each exercise I give.
Free me from any anxieties.
Bless my ears to be a good spiritual conversation guide.
Bless my lips to converse with humility.
Bless my heart to discern your movements.
Free me from selfishness.
Bless my eyes to see you at work in my receiver.
Bless my soul with loving reverence for her or him.
Bless my body to feel the rhythms of this retreat.
Free me from distractions.
Bless my hands to be empty of baggage.
Bless my nose to find the holy desires.
Bless my tongue to accept my receiver’s hospitality.
Free me from attachments.
Bless my whole self, to be a giver of your peace.
You have freed me for it, love, now send me.

The First Spiritual Exercises hit the streets

exercisesbookFr Michael Hansen SJ says he hopes the launch of his new book will help open up even more people to a model of spirituality that harkens back to Ignatius’ earliest ministry.

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The Story of the First Spiritual Exercises

This is a story you need to know, for you are a part of it.

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